Dog Physiotherapy : Benefits of the Karypet Dog Massager

Dog Physiotherapy : Benefits of the Karypet Dog Massager

You might wonder if it’s good to massage dogs. Many dog owners have dogs that struggle with sore muscles, joint pain, anxiety, and many other physical conditions that decrease the dogs’ quality of life. Not only did the dogs suffer, but the owners had to pay lots of money to get their dogs some relief from a physiotherapist.

Luckily the Karypet Dog Massager now allows dog owners to massage their pets in the comfort of their own homes without breaking the bank! The excellent part about the Dog Massager is that it has so many benefits for every dog out there!

How does dog massage benefit your dog?

  • Increase Flexibility

Regular massages will help your dog’s muscles, tendons, connective tissues, and ligaments. When you massage your dog’s muscles, you strengthen these parts and heal any injuries in the process, which increases their flexibility.

  • Decrease Aches and Pains

Massaging your dog will help if its body is stiff, has muscle aches, and pain throughout the body. A percussion with the massager stimulates the nerve cells responsible for sending pain signals from your dog’s muscles to its brain.

These signals help prevent your dog from feeling increased pain sensations throughout the body and ultimately helps your dog to feel fewer aches and pains.

  • Aid Digestion

Using the Karypet Dog Massager will aid digestion by stimulating your dog’s body to get rid of excess toxins and produce more digestive enzymes simultaneously. These two components help your dog’s digestive system get rid of unwanted food elements, ensuring that your dog’s gut remains healthy.

It is beneficial in older dogs or dogs with digestive issues because the motion of the massage gun stimulates the movement of your dog’s intestines, which further helps improve its metabolism.

  • Improves Circulation

Massaging your dog’s body will improve how well your dog’s blood flows to every part of its body. Sometimes, when your dog’s muscles are too tense or damaged, its body needs to send more blood with healing properties to correct the damaged tissues.

Unfortunately, if the muscle tissue is too tight or damaged, it might obstruct the blood flow, preventing the muscles from regenerating correctly. However, when you massage your dog daily, you help improve the blood flow to the areas of your dog’s body that need healing.

  • Boost Relaxation

Regular massage helps to improve your dog’s blood circulation. It also boosts your dog’s relaxation. Like people, dogs also have the stress hormone cortisol that the body releases to respond to a traumatic experience.

Unfortunately, the longer the cortisol remains in your dog’s bloodstream, the worse its experience of stressful situations becomes. The reason is that the increased blood flow helps to carry the cortisol out of your dog’s system quicker, which encourages your dog’s relaxation.

  • Improves Anxiety

Massage helps your dog relax and helps your dog’s brain to produce more dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone that regulates your dog’s mood and, therefore, helps to combat anxiety.

So, if your dog is prone to separation anxiety or gets nervous quickly, give it a daily massage to reduce the built-up tension and anxiousness.

  • Increase Energy

Regularly massaging your dog increases its energy. The cells in your dog’s body, including the muscle cells, need the energy to do their daily functions. Most of this energy comes from the food your dog eats and the oxygen it breathes in.

Your dog’s blood carries these energy sources to the parts of the body that needs it most. So, if you massage your dog regularly, you help the energy sources to go to the bodily areas in need of energy, allowing your dog to have more power to enjoy its life with you.

  • Boost the Immune System

Percussion massages boost your dog’s immune system because your dog’s blood carries cells called lymphocytes responsible for keeping your dog’s immune system healthy.

Massaging increases the flow of the immune cells throughout your dog’s body, allowing these cells to reach areas that need healing. The more immune cells are available in your dog’s body, the better your dog will be able to fight off any bacteria or diseases that enter its system.

  • Reduce Inflammation

A dog massage will reduce inflammation, which is a way for your dog’s body respond to injury. The better your dog’s circulation becomes through daily massage, the better the inflammatory cells will flush out of your dog’s blood and decrease the swelling it causes inside your dog’s body.

  • Increase Injury Recovery

Using the dog massager on your injured dog will help speed up the recovery process and ensure that your dog doesn’t re-injure itself. It enables the muscles to regain strength and flexibility, responds which decreases the possibility of further injury.

So, whether your dog has visible muscle or joint problems, a dog massager will greatly benefit dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds. The more you use the massage gun, the better your dog’s overall well-being will become!