How Massage Improves Dog Circulation?

How Massage Improves Dog Circulation?
Have you ever wondered how your dog’s body gets all the nutrients and valuable elements it needs to survive and function properly? While many different systems play their part in your dog’s body, the circulatory system is one of the most important.

One of canine massage therapy’s benefits is that it improves your dog’s circulation. It is a holistic treatment that dog owners can use at home to help improve their dogs’ health and overall life quality. Let’s have a deeper look at what this means.

Your Dog’s Circulation

Your dog’s circulatory system is made up of the heart and blood vessels (which include arteries, veins, and capillaries). The heart is the motor of this system and ensures that blood pumps from the heart to every body part, organ, muscle, and cell that needs nutrients.

Blood is the carrying component of this system. When your dog eats and drinks, it goes through the digestive system, where the essential nutrients for your dog’s body get absorbed through the blood vessels and dissolve in the blood itself.

These nutrients in the blood are then carried through the blood vessels to the different parts of your dog’s body. The blood can contain oxygen, vitamins, minerals, carbs, healing factors, platelets, etc.

Your blood also dissolves any toxins or waste products that your dog’s body doesn’t need or doesn’t excrete through the digestive tract and ensures to get rid of the excess waste. One example is carbon dioxide.

So, as you can see, the circulatory system is crucial for your dog’s body to function correctly. The better your dog’s circulation is, the more efficient the beneficial products can enter your dog’s body, and the waste products can leave your dog’s body.

How Massage Improves Circulation

Sometimes, your dog’s circulation system has areas where congestion occurs, preventing the blood from flowing effectively through that site. The more difficult it is for your dog’s blood to flow, the fewer nutrients will get to where they’re supposed to go.

When you massage your dog, especially using the Karypet Dog Massage Gun, you allow percussions to apply rhythmic pressure on the congested areas of your dog’s circulatory system, therefore helping get rid of the congested areas.

Because percussion is the fast application and release of pressure, the pressure helps to dislodge the clogged areas, where the release of pressure helps allow new and fresh blood to flow through the blood vessels.

While massage helps the circulatory system, it also allows your dog’s lymphatic system to circulate better. The lymphatic system is responsible for fighting pathogens by acting as an immune surveillance system. 

With sore muscles, in particular, the percussions help get rid of the built-up lactic acid in your dog’s muscles and allow the lymphatic system to take up the excess acid and get rid of it, just like it would get rid of viruses or bacteria.

So, the better your dog’s circulation, the better its overall health and quality of life will be! To ensure the maximum circulatory benefits, get the Karypet dog massager, which makes massaging your dog easy and cost-effective while allowing you and your dog to bond daily!