Dog Massage to Reduce Inflammation

Dog Massage to Reduce Inflammation

Have you ever wondered what happens when a dog gets injured? Have you noticed that sometimes parts of your dog’s body are swollen after an injury? Well, it is all due to your dog’s inflammatory response.

Inflammation is a way for your dog’s body to respond to injury. It is a mechanism the body uses to protect itself from further damage or harm and restore the damage that occurred.

While inflammation is an essential response of your dog’s body, it can also get out of control and lead to a few harmful disorders like arthritis, asthma, atherosclerosis, blindness, cancer, diabetes, etc.

How Inflammation Occur in Dogs

When your dog’s tissues are injured, like the muscle tissues, its body will respond with inflammation. These injuries or infections can be caused by bacteria, toxins, heat, or trauma, damaging the injured tissue cells. 

The damaged tissue cells then release toxins, like histamines, which leak through the blood vessels surrounding the tissue.

Your dog’s body has a natural response against histamines and other toxins, causing the tissues to swell (inflame). The swelling is an essential response for your body to keep the toxins from spreading through the rest of the body.

In response to these chemicals, your dog’s body will send white blood cells to the injured site to fight off and get rid of the substances trapped in the swollen tissues.

The more inflamed the injury site becomes, the more painful it is for your dog to endure. Most of the time, a vet will prescribe anti-inflammatory medication to fight excessive swelling. After the medication kicks in, massaging can start to do its job: improving circulation to decrease inflammation.

Signs of Inflammation in Dogs

If you suspect that your dog suffers from inflammation, but you’re not sure, see these five inflammation characteristics:

  • Redness
  • Heat
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Loss of function

If your dog were injured, you’d most likely see one or more of the five inflammation characteristics if swelling started at the injured site.

How Dog Massage Reduce Inflammation

As you know, excess toxins in your dog’s bloodstream can seep through the blood vessels into your dog’s body tissues. The more toxins in your dog’s blood, the more likely it will develop some sort of inflammation response to combat the spread of the toxins.

To ensure that the toxins don’t spread through the blood vessels into your dog’s body tissues, you can apply daily massage with the Karypet Dog Massage Gun.

Regular massage will help improve your dog’s circulation. When your dog’s circulation improves, it helps to get rid of excess toxins, bacteria, and viruses faster than it usually would have.

Not only does dog massage flush toxins out of the body, but it also stimulates oxygen-rich blood to flow to the injured site, which helps aid recovery.

To get the best possible result, you can massage your dog daily with the Karypet Dog Massage Gun.