How to Massage Your Dog with a Massager ?

How to Massage Your Dog with a Massager ?

Most dog owners want the best for their dogs but don’t necessarily know they can effectively massage their dogs at home without breaking the bank on physiotherapists. However, using the dog massager is easy and cost-effective, all while improving your dog’s wellbeing.

Is it Safe to Massage Your Dog Yourself?

Massaging your dog yourself is safe! Especially when you use the Karypet dog massager, you can adjust the percussion settings and the massage heads to fit your dog’s needs perfectly.

If your dog needs light massages to reduce anxiety, you can use the lower percussion setting, and if your dog needs deep tissue massage, you could use the higher settings.

Do Dogs Enjoy Deep Tissue Massage?

If you introduce your dog to the massager slowly, they will enjoy a deep tissue massage as much as you and I. As soon as dogs get used to a massager, they look forward to massaging sessions, making it more essential to get a dog massager of your own!

What is the Karypet Dog Massager?

The Karypet Dog Massage Gun is a massage tool for dogs that is easy to use without relying on professional physiotherapists or chiropractors for assistance.

The device has the following characteristics:

  • It is light, making it easy to carry.
  • It comes in a bag, making it easy to travel with or to store.
  • The small design makes it perfect to use on dogs of all sizes.
  • It is noiseless to ensure that it doesn’t frighten your dog.
  • You can change the intensity of the rapid pressure for different outcomes. You can adjust the power settings and speed to have more variety in your massaging sessions.
  • The fast charging and long-lasting batteries will ensure uninterrupted sessions.

The massager comes with interchangeable heads to give a variety of treatments for your dog, namely:

  • The round head is made of soft rubber or foam and is perfect to use on your dog for the first time.
  • The forked head is perfect to use on your dog’s neck, buttocks, legs, spine, and tail. It provides a deeper, more focussed massage to these tight areas in your dog’s body.
  • The bullet head helps to focus the percussions on knotted areas in your dog’s muscles. It is crucial not to use this attachment on bony areas as it can hurt your dog. Instead, focus on areas dense in muscle containing knots or spasms.
  • The flat head is used for relaxing your dog and massaging dense muscle areas like your dog’s neck, buttocks, and thighs. This attachment doesn’t provide deep tissue massage but helps alleviate built-up tension in your dog’s body, helping it be more relaxed.

How to Massage Your Dog with a Massager ?

Using a dog massager is easy, and you only have to keep the following things in mind:

Start on a low setting

When your dog isn’t used to a device like this, it is essential to start on a lower setting with less pressure to get your dog used to the massage gun.

Go slow

You don’t have to rush this exercise. You need to take your time and slowly move the massage gun over your dog’s body to ensure that you hit the right spots long enough to release tension.

Small circular movements on the pressure points

Make small circular movements with the massager on your dog’s pressure points, and don’t put too much additional pressure on the massager.

Watch your dog’s cues

Not all dogs will like the massage gun’s pressure on the same spots on their bodies. So, you need to watch your dog’s reaction to the massage gun to figure out which areas on its body need the massage the most.

You can determine this by looking for signs that your dog is relaxed (as mentioned previously). Remember that your dog won’t necessarily prefer the same spots every time, and the areas that need massage will vary depending on your dog’s physical condition that day.

Relax before a deep massage

You need to get your dog to relax before you can increase the settings for a deep massage. So, use the round head on a lower setting until your dog shows signs of relaxation. Then you can move on to slowly increase the intensity to give your dog a deeper muscle massage.

Use every day

To ensure that your dog gets all the benefits from the Karypet Dog Massage Gun, you should massage your dog’s body with the device every day. You only have to do it a few minutes per session, but doing it every day will help your dog’s body heal so much faster than it otherwise would have. 

Dog Massage Points

Dog Massage Points

Your dog’s body has specific points where tension builds up, called pressure points. These pressure points are where you should focus whenever you massage your dog to ensure your dog gets the most out of the massage session.

Signs that Massage is Working on Your Dog

Using this device to massage your dog will improve its life in many ways. Here are the signs that your dog benefits from massage:

  • Improved muscle tone
  • Improved mobility and flexibility
  • Improved relaxation
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased energy levels
  • Decreased aches and pain
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Decreased swelling

Other things to look out for are signs that your dog is relaxed:

  • Relaxed posture (no tense or stiff muscles)
  • Not shivering from stress
  • Soft, relaxed eyes, not constantly focussing on one point in the room
  • Soft and partially open mouth
  • Appears to be smiling
  • Relaxed tail
  • Relaxed ears
  • Steady and easy breathing
  • Laying with its belly up to the ceiling

Some dogs might feel a bit frightened with the device at first, which is why you slowly need to get your dog used to the feeling of percussion on its body. Follow the user instruction manual below to ensure you use the device correctly on your dog.

Is Massage Therapy Good for Dogs?

Massage therapy has various benefits for dogs, making it an exceptional practice on dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. These benefits include increased injury recovery, improved anxiety, improved flexibility, and much more! See our blog post on the benefits of dog massage.