Karypet User Guide & E-book

Get acquainted with the features of this valuable massage tool by reading our user guide as well as the free E-book that we send you via email after your purchase. The revolutionary book clearly explains the benefits of a percussion massage. Users at all experience levels will find it easy to fully understand the benefits and techniques of a percussion massage with the only massage gun designed exclusively for use on canines.

Once you read the easy-to-understand included guide, you will be able to operate the massage gun like a pro!

As your dog experiences the pleasurable sensation provided by a deep massage, he or she will look forward to every massage session with great anticipation.

A massaged dog is a happy, healthy dog! So why not invest in our canine massage gun today to ensure that your dog lives a pain-free, happy life for years to come?

A few days after your purchase (pending receipt of your order) you will receive by e-mail a digital Karypet user Guide as well as a Free Ebook on the benefits of percussion massage for our canine friends.

😉 Included in your Bag :
Karypet Massager User Guide

Karypet User Guide & E-book    

🤗 We offer you a Free Percussion Massage E-Book that will be sended you by e-mail after your purchase 🤗 

Karypet User Guide