Karypet® Core Beliefs

We believe that the pet's world can greatly benefit from portable handheld devices, which enable owners to perform deep tissue treatments on their own, at home whenever they want. Amp up your petting session with the extra paybacks of relaxation, decreasing tightness and improving mobility.

Karypet® staff is as passionate about their job as you are about your pet

dog massager
Our pets are
Part Of Our Families

They are always there when we need them the most, and Karypet is always here for them too. Our main goal is to encourage people to treat their pets the way they treat other family members with beneficial massages.

Commitment To
Diversity & Integrity

Here at Karypet, we value every pet out there, and we are serious about our commitment to integrity and diversity, which we demonstrate through our committee, and put at the forefront of everything we do.

Karypet Massage Gun
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Future Ahead

We believe that we contributed highly to the animal services industry through innovative solutions and our state of the art customer service. We are always looking forward to bring an appreciated resource for pet care professionals.

Why Your Pet Will love the PAW WAVE BUZZ

Canine massage therapy

Karypet massage discharges endorphins for dogs and their caregivers

Dog Massager

Karypet promotes mobility and joint well-being if used before and after activities.

dog massage gun

Use Karypet along the back to help lessen stress and anxiety.

Pet massager

Karypet boosts suppleness and circulation, mainly for dogs with osteoarthritis.