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Cat bracelet

I haven’t received

Love My Cat

Really cute, could be bigger

I have not received the item yet!

Karypet® Dog Massage Gun
Karen Burmeister
Unable to open instructions on web site. Sent 3 emails to Kareypet

Sent 3 emails for correct link to get instructions. I got email before I received the unit to go over instructions to be ready. Never heard back.

My dog cannot adjust to using it

I tried to contact Karypet but no response
My dog won’t take to the use of the Karypet even the lowest settings she will not tolerate
I now have no use for the product
Very disappointed

The Karypet dog massager is easy to handle and use on both my small breed dog and my large breed dog. The different heads make it possible to really get into the muscle areas that needs the most attention and is super comfortable for both dogs. I would definitely recommend this to any dog owner.

I used to take my Labrador to the physiotherapist every week for her stiffening legs, which cost me a lot of money! Finally, I found this product which is the best investment ever! Not only don’t I need weekly physio sessions for my dog anymore, but it saves me money and gives me quality time with her.

Ben, my Great Dane, is usually skittish about trying new things but this massager is so silent that Ben isn’t phased at all. Because he’s getting older, I wanted a way to improve the years he has left and this massager didn’t disappoint! He is livelier and more mobile than before and I’m looking forward to the activities we’ll still do together!

Easy to use. Pet and people friendly. Great quality and technology! I’m thoroughly impressed and use it daily on my 6 dogs.

This massager helped speed my German Shepherd’s recovery from a hip injury in no time! I followed the user guide and massaged my dog every day and the results are astonishing! I finally found a natural way to relieve my dog’s pain and don’t need to use pain medication for muscle pain anymore!

I travel a lot with Akai, my adopted dog, and fell in love with this massager. Akai struggled with joint and tendon pain and couldn’t go on hikes with me. However, when I started to use the dog massager it’s as if I have a different dog! He looks forward to his daily massages and has more energy and flexibility to go on adventures with me without excessive pain. The massager is also perfect to travel with us everywhere we go because of its fast-charging action and compact size!

Arya, my Malinois, loves to run on the beach but she usually gets stiff muscles due to over exertion. I decided to start giving her massages with the karypet dog massager and it makes the world’s difference! She recovers faster after strenuous exercise sessions and has more energy for the next one, which is why I’m so glad to have this massager!

This thing is amazing! I had to get my dog, Dixie, used to it first, but the user guide really helped me understand how to use it correctly and Dixie is a happier dog because of it. I love that you can change the intensity of the percussions because it allows me to ease Dixie into the massage before I increase the intensity. Truly an amazing product.

My Golden Retriever is 10-years old and has trouble standing up from the ground because of muscle aches. I decided to try this massager because I don’t want my dog to be in pain. It’s remarkable how this product helped ease my dog’s pain to such an extent that he can stand up by himself now. This massager changed my dog’s life and gave him back his golden years!

I am so happy with this massager!

I am so happy with this massager! My Cocker Spaniel (Joey) struggles with anxiety and immediately relaxed when I used the Karypet Dog Massager. He is so much calmer after I started using it every day, so much so that I can take him off of his calming medication.

The best massage that my Tyson had :)

The best massage that my Tyson had :) The massager is easy to use and simple to handle. Tyson enjoy every session ;)